How to get hold of your Antshares ICO

Note: This process may take up to a week due to the release of shares being a manual process. Downloading the Ant shares blockchain may take 12 hours.

In order to get your ICO you need to download AntsharesCore

(For other platforms see

Now wait to sync. This may take approximately 12 hours.

Next you must create a new wallet using the Wallet tab then New Wallet Database

Name your wallet and use browse to put it somewhere you can easily find. Enter a strong password which the wallet will require to decrypt. Make care to keep this password safe.

Now you have a new wallet right click in the blank space and go to Import: Import from WIF.

Paste your WIF (which you were given in the ICO) and your address will appear. (shown here in red)

Then you need to Confirm you want your ICO using the anshares website.

To do this go to

YOURADDRESS is found by right clicking the red address shown above and selecting copy from clipboard)

You will be shown the following screen:


The address shown in red should match that you entered prior. Finally enter your private key (WIP) and click confirm to get ANS.

The processing should then take 1 week according to the Antshares dev team.

Any questions reach out to us @uk_c_c

Donations graciously accepted:

Antshares: AP4CvkyykS4wKsJWFHzdm5fcbFZtWmnkE7

Bitcoin: 1H69CQT5YEHYFCdzN3UMeGfgwn2pKanPre