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Bitcoin Cash Statement 11/11/2017

On August 1st 2017 a change was made to the Bitcoin Protocol to enable on-chain scaling. 

The way in which this was done (A Hardfork with replay protection) meant that this version of Bitcoin forever split from the original version of Bitcoin. This new, separate version of Bitcoin is called: Bitcoin Cash 

This version (Fork) of Bitcoin exists because a large number of people who own/use Bitcoin believe that the technology should scale to worldwide adoption using method A.

Another large number of people believe that this approach is unwise, with valid reasoning. (See Video) and therefore did not support this Fork of bitcoin.

The end result is there are now two versions of Bitcoin - each of which has core supporters who view their version as the 'Real' Bitcoin. At we aim to provide reliable, honest guidance and as such we are obliged to say that though we support Bitcoin Cash we accept that Bitcoin (original) is 'Bitcoin' until the general consensus is that it's not. That does sound like a vague statement, and it is, but that is because there is no real history of this scenario. Hardforks have historically either gone seamlessly without dispute, destroying the 'old' version of the chain (lookup Monero Hardforks) or they have continued to exist but are clearly less supported (lookup Ethereum Classic Hardfork).  We continue to monitor this and may support calling Bitcoin Cash just Bitcoin in the future. Our opinion is that currently, most of our content applies just as much to Bitcoin Cash as it does Bitcoin, but again this may change.

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash in the UK

NOTICE: Current bitcoin price increases are attracting many new visitors who do not appreciate that cryptocurrency can go down as well as up in price. Please - do not 'invest' more than you are willing to lose. Thanks for reading and best of luck. 

Furthermore - You can Buy Bitcoin Cash OR Bitcoin. They are not the same. 
Ben - Founder of

Based in the UK and want to quickly and safely buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash? We recommend CoinBase.

Store Bitcoin Cash

There are 4 methods to storing Bitcoin Cash:

  1. On a Digital Wallet (We like the app by as your private key never leaves the device)
  2. On a Hardware Wallet (We love the Ledger Model S)
  3. On a Paper Wallet (There are Two popular wallets &
  4. Trust a 3rd Party (Store on an Exchange or Web Wallet) – NOT RECOMMENDED – If used use only temporarily and for small amounts.

Please check out our general Bitcoin info. It’s all relevant to Bitcoin Cash too!

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