Inspired by Andreas antonopoulos we have investigated the correlation between bank account penetration and google search interest (over the past year as of 13/03/2018). We agree with Andreas that bitcoin can help “the other 6.5 billion” [must watch] who are currently excluded from the global financial system. It is proposed that with a (dumb) smartphone and bitcoin, the world can have banking services. We present the data below. An interesting point to note is that Pakistan, Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa appear to be over-represented in bitcoin interest (as a percentage of all their searches).

It should be noted that this is not a scientific investigation and is simply intended as an interesting indicator as to how global interest for bitcoin is distributed. One example of how this data may mislead is that in poor countries, many people may not have access to either banking or the internet thus are excluded from making searches, meaning it may be that those searching for bitcoin in said countries are the same set of people who have access to banking.

We hope you enjoyed this visualization.