How To make an IOTA seed

Making an IOTA seed can be extremely quick and easy. You could create the seed using the command line and then store it somewhere on your computer. Your investments could be fine using this setup, but it is not our suggested method.

We recommend always developing encrypted cryptocurrency seeds for your protection.

KeePass is an open-source password manager that can create and store IOTA seeds. The program itself is password protected and securely stores your seed names.

Download, verify, and install KeePass exactly like the IOTA wallet.

Begin by downloading the KeePass program from the developer’s website. This choice creates peace of mind that the installation is legitimate from the start. The same is not true for an application downloaded from a third-party website.

Once the file is on your computer, use the steps described above to verify that the SHA256 Hash matches the one on the developer’s website. Then, run the .exe file to install and initiate the KeePass program.

Create a secure password for KeePass and ensure that you will remember it.

The Master Password for your KeePass program must be something you have never used before. We suggest a combination of words, instead of a random mix of letters and numbers. Words are easier to remember.

If you forget this password or your program becomes hacked, then you’ll lose access to all of your IOTA seeds. Without your seeds, your investment is lost. Don’t let this happen to you.

Now, make your first IOTA seeds.

Right-click the blank box in the middle of the KeePass program. Then click “Add Entry.” When the window pops up, click the key icon to set the password generator.

Set the parameters of your seed generator. The length should be 81. Check the box “Yes” to include Upper Case. Ensure that it will also include the character 9.

Click “Generate” and your seed will form. Be sure to rename it to something that you can find and remember. “IOTA-Seed-001” is an excellent name choice.

Then, click “File” and “Save” to save the password. Make it easy to find. However, the name should hide it slightly in case someone is searching through your computer.

Return to your IOTA wallet and find the Checksum.

To do this, copy the password you just created using KeePass. Then, paste it on the screen in your IOTA wallet.

At the end of the seed information you pasted, three letters will appear. These letters form the Checksum of your seed. It should be the same every time you paste that seed password into your wallet.

You’ll want to keep this information nearby. If the wrong Checksum ever appears, your information is likely affected by malware.

An easy way to remember the Checksum of your IOTA seed is to add those letters to the seed name in KeePass. The name could become “IOTA-Seed-001-ABC,” with ABC being your Checksum.

Check and backup your information.

In case your computer fails, it’s essential to have your KeePass passwords in a second location. The cloud or a flash drive in a safe are great choices. Anywhere that is protected from a robbery or disaster is ideal.

After backing everything up, we recommend running the seed check one more time. Copy and paste it from KeePass and then look at your Checksum. If it still matches, then all is good.

Finally, you are ready to purchase IOTA.

Purchase IOTA from an exchange and send it to the seed you just created. Always create the seed first, then perform the transaction and transfer. That way, you don’t risk a double-spend.

Create a new seed address for every IOTA purchase or transfer from another wallet.