Zcash launches on 28/10/2016 in “the morning” (Pacific Time) ~5pm in the UK


To get mining sign up with Suprnova and follow their guide here

NOTE: Their current (20/10/2016 13:50 GMT) site gives wrong batch file details.


change “./nheqminer” to “nheminer.exe” leaving the rest the same

It should look like this:

nheqminer.exe -u WebLogin.Worker -p Password -t 2

(where WebLogin is your suprnova login username, Worker is your worker name, Password is your Worker Password and the final number is your number of cores)

To help find how many cores you have (including hyper threading) you can download CoreTemp, this can help you keep track of your computer temperature!

Want any help? Email us: contact@ukcryptocurrency.com

Make a Wallet

You will need to use Linux to get a wallet. This is straightforward if you follow one of the below mining guides.




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